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An itemised checklist for items you should have in a First Aid Kit, along with important considerations for keeping the kit up to date.

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A professionally-composed meeting programme, with space for all required records.

An official document to record training attendees, details and document signatures.

A comprehensive 2 page form to record all relevant details of injury or incident in the workplace.

A generic inspection checklist for assessing the condition and safety of a workplace.

A checklist guide to identify areas in a workstation that need to be addressed.


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HR Tactics HR Consultants Brisbane - Casual conversion – small claims procedure

Casual conversion – small claims procedure

EXPLAINED: Casual conversion – small claims procedure The amendment act has introduced a new avenue to resolve some disputes about casual conversion. What has changed  The resolution of disputes around casual conversion used to be dealt with by the fair work commission only but now the employee has an alternative option of filing in the federal circuit court as well. 

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A new requirement to “Offer” casual conversion [if have >=15 employees]

EXPLAINED: A new requirement to “Offer” casual conversion [if have >=15 employees] This change relates specifically to employers with 15 or more employees so if you have less than 15 employees then you just need to be ready to assess requests from your casuals.   So this change passed by Parliament in March 2021 relates to a new entitlement being added to the National

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New casual loading offset provision to avoid double dipping

EXPLAINED: New casual loading offset provision to avoid double dipping This is the biggest relief for business owners! so, there’s a new casual loading offset provision that has been introduced to ensure wrongly classified casuals cannot double dip and be back paid entitlements as a permanent employee in addition to keeping the casual loading they’ve already been paid. We now

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The casual employment information statement (the CEIS)

EXPLAINED: The casual employment information statement (the CEIS) The amendment act introduces a Casual Employment Information Statement (CEIS) which is to be given to all casuals. The CEIS can be downloaded from the fair work ombudsman website in word or PDF version.  The CEIS has information about: The definition of a casual employee When an

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7 Ways to Boost employee morale during the tough times (like a pandemic…)

Has employee morale taken a dive in your business during the pandemic? If not, then congratulations. But unfortunately, dramatic drops in morale and engagement have been widespread, and has highlighted that especially at times like this, employers need to invest just as much time in focusing on psychological employee needs

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Bullying – 10 signs you might be missing

Did you know that recent research is indicating that half of Australians will experience workplace bullying at some point in their careers. That’s really concerning especially because under health and safety laws and the Fair Work Act, we employers have a duty of care to identify and tackle bullying associated with our workplace.  Bullying claims can now run into millions of

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What do I do? – Onboarding

Hi employers – It doesn’t take long for new hires to decide whether or not they’re going to stick around these days, does it? So here’s what makes the difference, how you onboard them in those first few days, weeks and months.  Here are 2 critical points about Onboarding:  Onboarding isn’t orientation or induction  Onboarding goes beyond simply introducing your company to new hires

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