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“Outsourcing our HR priorities to HR Tactics gave us the critical horsepower and HR expertise to grow. We can now all focus on our own roles, with the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything is being taken care of. We quickly realised HR done well was a real recruitment, retention, culture, performance and mental health godsend that our team love as much as we do.

Our only regret is not having an Off-Site HR Manager through HR Tactics sooner.”

– Ashley Rees, Ray White Commercial, Northern Corridor Group


Book a HR Success Strategy Call now, And One Of HR Tactics’ Highly Experienced And Qualified Off-Site HR Managers Will Discuss The 5 Essential HR Functions Necessary For You To Have Peace Of Mind And For Your Business To Thrive.

So if you have 10 or more staff;

* know that your people could perform better…

* feel confused about how to make your business fully compliant…

* know you need HR help, but you’re stuck on how you can manage it financially,

Book The Call Today And See How Easy It Is To Get Your Business On Track

5 HR Strategies to Increase Performance & Protection

Reduce stress, gain peace of mind and restore order within your workforce.

Outcomes Your Off-Site HR Manager Delivers

Unlimited HR management services customised to your unique business, seamlessly delivering:: 

Customised Recruitment

With an expertly designed recruitment process you will find committed, loyal & proficient employees that are right for your unique operations

Efficient Onboarding

Swift onboarding means new employees are more likely to feel security in their job, feel valued, remain engaged & stay with the company for longer.

Fostered Employee Wellbeing

Employee focused initiatives give a business a competitive advantage through reducing absenteeism, injuries, presenteeism and poor performance

Increased Employee Engagement

Ensuring employees are highly engaged can reduce absenteeism by up to 41%, increase productivity by 17% and reduce employee turnover by up to 59%

Assured Compliance

With regular audits & annual legal exposure reports you’ll be confident that your policies, processes and communications with staff adhere to legislation

Who We Help

We are passionate about working with people who are looking for a smart approach to managing people, building a culture, being compliant, legal and safe.

New & Growing Businesses

Structured and timely recruiting, award wages guidance and procedure design for sustainable business growth

Small Businesses

Maximising engagement, productivity and collaboration in workplaces with 10 or more employees
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Large Workforces

Strengthening and enforcement of policies along with insight reporting, to ensure large employee numbers are managed fairly and legally

Compliance Conscious

Guidance for businesses who have had dismissal or compliance issues in the past, to move forward

Confused Business Owners

Advice and resources for business owners who want clarity, piece of mind and answers to their questions
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Hi, My name is Jackie Strachan.

At HR Tactics we help business owners realise they don’t have to miss out on the HR outcomes bigger businesses enjoy, for a fear of high costs. We’ve been doing this for the last 20 years.

My team delivers you confidence, knowing that your HR processes will support and protect your business through the operational ups and downs.

We work with you to bring order and stability to your workforce, developing productivity and reducing the staff turnover rate.

If you’re still reading then I’m guessing you understand that people are the backbone of your business and therefore also your greatest liability.

Let’s have a conversation about what expert-level HR management could bring to your business. If we think we have an off-site HR management or tailored HR consulting solution to suit you, we’ll let you know.

Jackie Strachan

CEO, HR Tactics

HR Consultants Brisbane Human Resource Outsourced

The Process

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Recruitment Process Design

  • We customise and conduct your recruitment campaigns to attract the right employees.
  • We calculate wage rates along with the requirements, capabilities and personal qualities required for the position.
  • We know the laws surrounding what you can and can’t ask during an interview, and customise interview questions to make the process more reliable.
  • By only liaising with you when necessary, we leave you and your other employees to carry out your regular duties.
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Refine Onboarding Procedures

  • We ensure your new starters are professionally welcomed with personalised pre-commencement & early-weeks initiatives.
  • Communication and paperwork are managed seamlessly through the cloud-based HR platform.
  • Managers are coached to understand how to train and support new employees in their early weeks.
  • Using the Zoom platform we run short onboarding check-ins to address any concerns.
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Engagement Assessments

  • We conduct annual staff surveys to create a snapshot of current staff engagement and satisfaction levels.
  • From these engagement insights, we debrief management on what is and isn’t working well.
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Foster Staff Wellbeing

  • We organise tailored initiatives to enhance your team members’ financial, physical and emotional literacy, while building their resilience in handling stress.
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Ensure Compliance

  • We conduct annual audits of your Fair Work and WHS compliance, delivering a legal exposure report, along with suggested changes to fix any areas of risk.
  • We provide you direct access to phone or email us on weekdays for advice or explanations around any HR compliance and employee management issues.

Client Testimonials


Is my Off-Site HR Manager on call?

Yes, from Monday to Friday. You will enjoy direct phone, email, zoom, text access to your own dedicated Off-Site HR Manager for advice and support relating to performance and disciplinary matters as they arise. We have built close professional connections with many expert employment lawyers from whom we seek advice from whenever required.

Which programs do you utilise to remotely manage our HR?
Multiple! EnableHR: A cloud-based HR platform with Employee Self Service functionality that we customise for your business. Zoom: Video, audio conferencing, chat, and webinar software. Loom: Personalised video recording software. Voice Project: Engagement survey tools. Extended Disc: Psychometric testing tools.
How will we know what HR activities our Off-Site HR Manager is working on?

Via monthly and quarterly HR Strategy meetings with you on Zoom and the quarterly HR Activity Reports your Off-Site HR Manager provide, you’re always kept well informed. 

Do you ever come on-site?
Yes. Each quarter your dedicated Off-Site HR Manager is personally on-site in your business to take care of any tasks or meetings that their presence is required for. This could include conducting WHS site inspections, presentations to staff, wellbeing workshops, audits, strategy meetings. The number of days on-site each quarter depends on the headcount in your organisation.

45 Minute HR Strategy Roadmap Call

Receive your own HR Strategy Roadmap, providing you with step-by-step priorities to follow over the next 12 months, in order to bring order and safety back to your business. Currently just $595

Confused About Which Steps to Take, to Improve Your HR Management?

5 HR Strategies to Increase Performance & Protection

Gain peace of mind & restore order within your workforce with the help of our free guide

$25 Fair Work or WHS Compliance Check

Have a potential HR issue right now? Let's check you aren’t breaching legislation with a confidential 30 min call


HR Tactics HR Consultants Brisbane - Casual conversion – small claims procedure

Casual conversion – small claims procedure

EXPLAINED: Casual conversion – small claims procedure The amendment act has introduced a new avenue to resolve some disputes about casual conversion. What has changed  The resolution of disputes around casual conversion used to be dealt with by the fair work commission only but now the employee has an alternative option of filing in the federal circuit court as well. 

HR Tactics HR Consultants Brisbane

A new requirement to “Offer” casual conversion [if have >=15 employees]

EXPLAINED: A new requirement to “Offer” casual conversion [if have >=15 employees] This change relates specifically to employers with 15 or more employees so if you have less than 15 employees then you just need to be ready to assess requests from your casuals.   So this change passed by Parliament in March 2021 relates to a new entitlement being added to the National

HR Tactics HR Consultants Brisbane

New casual loading offset provision to avoid double dipping

EXPLAINED: New casual loading offset provision to avoid double dipping This is the biggest relief for business owners! so, there’s a new casual loading offset provision that has been introduced to ensure wrongly classified casuals cannot double dip and be back paid entitlements as a permanent employee in addition to keeping the casual loading they’ve already been paid. We now

HR Tactics HR Consultants Brisbane

The casual employment information statement (the CEIS)

EXPLAINED: The casual employment information statement (the CEIS) The amendment act introduces a Casual Employment Information Statement (CEIS) which is to be given to all casuals. The CEIS can be downloaded from the fair work ombudsman website in word or PDF version.  The CEIS has information about: The definition of a casual employee When an

HR Tactics HR Consultants Brisbane

7 Ways to Boost employee morale during the tough times (like a pandemic…)

Has employee morale taken a dive in your business during the pandemic? If not, then congratulations. But unfortunately, dramatic drops in morale and engagement have been widespread, and has highlighted that especially at times like this, employers need to invest just as much time in focusing on psychological employee needs

HR Tactics HR Consultant Brisbane

Bullying – 10 signs you might be missing

Did you know that recent research is indicating that half of Australians will experience workplace bullying at some point in their careers. That’s really concerning especially because under health and safety laws and the Fair Work Act, we employers have a duty of care to identify and tackle bullying associated with our workplace.  Bullying claims can now run into millions of

HR Tactics HR Consultants Brisbane

What do I do? – Onboarding

Hi employers – It doesn’t take long for new hires to decide whether or not they’re going to stick around these days, does it? So here’s what makes the difference, how you onboard them in those first few days, weeks and months.  Here are 2 critical points about Onboarding:  Onboarding isn’t orientation or induction  Onboarding goes beyond simply introducing your company to new hires

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