Mindfulness is the practice of directing your attention to what is happening in the present moment around you.

There are many ways you can practice mindfulness at your desk, but here are some:

Mindfulness Activity #1 - OBSERVE YOUR BREATHNG

Take ten deep breaths: in through your nose and out through your mouth. As you go, gradually lengthen your inhales
and exhales, aiming for four seconds each. You can do this with your eyes shut, but if that’s not possible
(like if you’re in a meeting) it’s just as effective with them open. Slowing down your breathing soothes the
nervous system and tells your body that it’s safe to relax. It’s the ultimate stress reliever.

Mindfulness Activity #2 - GROUND DOWN

Plant your feet firmly on the ground under your desk, spread out your toes
and press firmly down through the soles of your feet. Becoming aware of the floor
beneath you automatically brings you back to the present moment.

Mindfulness Activity #3 - TAKE A MOMENT TO MEDITATE

There are plenty of mindfulness apps that offer 5 minute or less meditations. Grab your headphones and run one of those.