Mindfulness is the practice of directing your attention to what is happening in the present moment around you.

There are many ways you can practice mindfulness at your desk, but here are some:

Mindfulness Activity #1 - OBSERVE YOUR BREATHNG

Option 1: Be still and alone (even if it is sitting in the bathroom) Relax, close your eyes (sit or stand and hold your chest high)
and take ten SLOW deep breaths: in through your nose and out through your mouth. Breathe in slowly to the count of 4,
HOLD for a moment and then breathe out to the count of 4 (working up to the count of 8).
Note: breathe in happy thoughts and breathe out your worries.

Option 2: Be still around people (in a meeting, office, or conference) Close your eyes, if only for a second, and feel your body relax.
Slow your breathing down, drop your shoulders but keep your heart high. Relax your butt, your legs, and your feet.
FEEL THE TENSION LEAVE YOUR BODY. Allow your breath to follow the relaxed energy in your body, smile through this process and
no-one will be any the wiser.

Mindfulness Activity #2 - GROUND DOWN

Plant your feet firmly on the ground under your desk, spread out your toes and press firmly down through the soles of your feet.
Becoming aware of the floor beneath you automatically brings you back to the present moment.
(For best results, take off your shoes)

Mindfulness Activity #3 - TAKE A MOMENT TO MEDITATE

It has been scientifically proven that 5 minutes of mediation at random times through the day is a powerful well-being strategy.
DOWNLOAD a meditation app onto your phone and start practicing. Before long meditation will be a
well-being strategy you can’t live without.

IMPORTANT: if you feel depressed, unable to cope or feel anxious then please reach out to us and we can
connect you to the right councillor or coach for you.