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  • National Employment Standards (NES) Self-Audit Tool

Use this document to conduct your own self-audit of compliance with your employer obligations under the National Employment Standards (NES) as outlined in the Fair Work Act 2009.

REMEMBER: Complying with the NES is only one area a Fair Work Audit of your business will look at. An audit by Fair Work Inspectors will also look at your HR practices regarding:

  • Leave entitlements
  • Pay & conditions
  • Time & wages records
  • Dismissal & bargaining
Are WHS inspections and audits necessary

HR Tactics specialises in offering this type of advice. Take advantage of our current offer, 30 minutes on the phone with an expert to tick off all compliance criteria.

$25 Fair Work or WHS Compliance Check

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  • First Aid Kit Checklist

An itemised checklist for items you should have in a First Aid Kit, along with important considerations for keeping the kit up to date.

  • Meeting Agenda (including WHS consultation)

A professionally-composed meeting programme, with space for all required records.

  • WHS Training Attendance Record

An official document to record training attendees, details and document signatures.

  • Injury Incident Reporting Form

A comprehensive 2 page form to record all relevant details of injury or incident in the workplace.

  • Workplace Inspection Checklist

A generic inspection checklist for assessing the condition and safety of a workplace.

  • HRT Icon Fair 02 Workstation Ergonomics Checklist

A checklist guide to identify areas in a workstation that need to be addressed.

  • HR System Comparison Sheet

A framework for comparing different HR automation systems.


Confused About Which Steps to Take, to Improve Your HR Management?

5 HR Strategies to Increase Performance & Protection

Gain peace of mind & restore order within your workforce with the help of our free guide

$25 Fair Work or WHS Compliance Check

Have a potential HR issue right now? Let's check you aren’t breaching legislation with a confidential 30 min call


How to manage WHS Consultations with your Staff

Have you completed your COVID-19 consultations with your staff yet? Not sure what business owners need to do before reopening and remobilising your workforce? This short video will explain the 5 essential steps practically for you to follow   Don’t forget to make use of the COVID-19 Kit we put together

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What are the COVID-19 Safe Workplace Principles

Understanding the COVID-19 Safe Workplace Principles  ON the 5th May 2020 the National Cabinet met to further discuss options for easing restrictions over the coming months, and announced they’re going to be as proactive as possible in providing consistent help to businesses in preparing Australians to go back to work

COVID-19 Workplace Ready Kit

With restrictions now being lifted gradually, the time has finally come to prepare our businesses for reopening. The first priority is deciding what safety precautions need to be taken to reduce or eliminate the chance of transmission. In making these decisions it is incumbent on you to consult with your

5 Top Tips for Maintaining Engagement During COVID-19 and Beyond!

It’s no secret that COVID-19 is causing anxiety and stress for many business owners and their employees. If you’re like many businesses that have shifted some staff or even your entire team to remote working, you’ve most likely been faced with many different challenges in the HR space. And let’s

7 alternative ways to discipline an employee

Here are 7 creative alternatives available to employers when an employee’s performance or conduct becomes an issue: unpaid suspensions fines (when you navigate the legal nuances – this is why we have jobs!) alternative role/demotion withholding of pay increase or bonus increased supervision regular internet and email spot-checking focussed training

Are WHS inspections and audits necessary?

Health And Safety Audits And Inspections; What You Need To Do Health and safety audits and inspections go hand in hand with each other and are an imperative part of keeping your workplace free from WHS risks. Regardless of the size of your business, it is so important that you take a

Planning to Hire or Fire an Employee

Planning to Hire or Fire an Employee

Planning to Hire or Fire an Employee A number of our SME clients are struggling with the complexities of Australian employment law and frequently contact us for advice in managing these complexities. With all businesses facing dire consequences of getting it wrong and being fined for non-compliance, we have been

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