7 Ways to Boost employee morale during the tough times (like a pandemic…)

Has employee morale taken a dive in your business during the pandemic? If not, then congratulations. But unfortunately, dramatic drops in morale and engagement have been widespread, and has highlighted that especially at times like this, employers need to invest just as much time in focusing on psychological employee needs as we do physical employee needs.

So, I want to give you my one key piece of advice around this and a few quick tips on how some businesses have been managing this drop in morale.

Hi, I’m Jackie Strachan and I do hope some of the suggestions to follow are applicable in your own business situation or at least get your creative juices flowing as to what initiatives you could introduce in your unique business.

HR Tactics HR Consultant Brisbane - 7 Ways to Boost employee morale during the tough times (like a pandemic…)

Firstly though, I love research, did you know:

  • The majority of Australians (78% in fact) reported that pre-existing mental health problems had worsened during the outbreak.
  • Psychological distress levels were also higher with 62%, of participants reporting raised levels of depression, 50% of participants reporting raised levels of anxiety, and 64% of participants reporting raised levels of stress.

These figures are according to research led by the University of New South Wales.

So, what can we do?

  1. My one key pieces of advice here is to remind your team that they’re cared for. 
  2. Physical activity is so important so whether or not your employees are locked down or required to work from homecoming into the office, encourage employees to embrace every opportunity they have to participate in physical activity or step outside for some fresh air.
  3. Coaching your employees and managers on what wellness actually is and actions they can take to focus on their wellness and wellbeing.
  4. Provide resources such as EAP (Employee Assistance Program) because you as the employer can’t always help employees directly with issues they may want to discuss across financial, legal, anxiety, depression, and other counselling support topics.”
  5. Consider holding celebratory lunches or morning teas online.
  6. Sending RUOK care packages out to employee’s homes.
  7. The final point I’ll make is to encourage you to personalise whatever initiatives you implement because personalisation is the key.

If you have noticed a drop in morale in your business don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at HR Tactics. We’re never too busy to help you or those you care about in business.

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This information was provided with the intention of helping you find more clarity, confidence and peace of mind as you navigate your own journey as an employer. I would love to hear your thoughts on this, and if you think someone else would enjoy it please feel free to share it on.

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