What the heck do “HR People” do anyway

Does this sound like you? Still, despite being out in the working world for years and despite owning your own business, you’re still a little unsure exactly what “HR people” do, and unconvinced exactly how us “HR people” can actually build value in your business? 

Then you’re not alone – many of our clients are just like you then – unsure and unconvinced. 

HR Tactics HR Consultant Brisbane What the heck do “HR People” do anyway

You know what, the way I see it is that that’s understandable, because unless you’ve worked in a business or company which had a HR person, then it’s highly likely you wouldn’t know what the heck us HR people do.  

Hi I’m Jackie Strachan, the CEO and Founder of HR Tactics and I want to give you a bit of context around what “we HR people” do and how our field works. 

So let’s compare HR to the field of Law. As most would know, in Law there are numerous areas like tax law, contract law, criminal law, IP law, employment law etc etc. And some lawyers specialise in one or more of these, like tax lawyer, employment lawyers, litigation lawyers etc etc. Whilst other lawyers practice law across many of these fields. 

Similarly the field of HR has numerous areas but ours can be thought of as appearing along a timeline, which we HR people call “the employee lifecycle”. The first of these starts with planning your workforce, recruitment, induction and onboarding functions. Then you move on the areas of training, professional devt, and performance management and then at the far end of the employee lifecycle is underperformance, counseling, discipline, termination, and managing employee exits. But wait, there’s more because in the middle of the employee lifecycle comes all the other areas like Fair Work Compliance, WHS, policies, workplace investigations and I won’t go on. 

And as in the field of Law, in the field of HR, some HR practitioners practice as specialists, such as Recruiters, Trainers, or compliance specialists, whilst others, like us here at HR Tactics, work across all areas of HR. 

It’s all about Risk Management 

Without going into any more detail here, HR is essentially a risk management strategy. 

Just like Law is. 

Just like Accounting is.  

Just like Marketing is. 

But let’s not forget here that we’re talking about humans. The ‘human’ resources. And unlike robots or IT platforms or calculating the profits and losses, or anything else that operates or can be done with a sense of predictability, human beings have their own mind and therefore don’t always act predictably…. Sometimes far from it. 

And when those employees of yours aren’t marching to the drum beat you need them to, risks of all sorts start raising their heads – financial risks, legal risks, health risks, safety risks, and the list goes on. And that’s where the field of Human Resource Management comes in. Because there are scientifically proven, research based “levers” that can be used to reduce the uncertainty, increase the predictability and improve the probability that the humans you select to work in your business, will behave and perform in the particular ways you need them to for the business to succeed. 

What are the HR Levers 

These levers are the various HR systems, processes, the documentation, the particular practices that can be set up inside your business.  

But just as with managing the economy, as soon as you change or move one lever, for reasons you feel are positive, you find some are benefited by that whilst others lose out to varying degrees. It’s nigh on impossible to please everyone. 

And it’s always difficult for business owners to know which HR priorities to focus on and invest in first? Which will give the greatest return on investment? 

Which HR priorities bring the greatest ROI? 

I’ve written a short HR Guide with the answers to that very question. So all that’s left for you to do is download our little eguide and there you’ll have it. You’ll know which HR priorities you need to focus on getting right first in your business. I’ve also added a number of hot tips so you can start making progress with these HR priorities straight away. https://hrtactics.com.au/ebook/ 

And don’t forget to share this video on to others in business you care about so they can benefit from this information too. 

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This information was provided with the intention of helping you find more clarity, confidence and peace of mind as you navigate your own journey as an employer. I would love to hear your thoughts on this, and if you think someone else would enjoy it please feel free to share it on.

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