This 1 thing will reduce your People Costs more than anything else

Did you know there’s a way to reduce the time you spend on all the transactional HR tasks by up to 90%?

So time is money yes? And for those of you who are still managing all your HR tasks internally without utilising any automation platform, you’ll know facilitating, managing, leading, supporting, coordinating all the HR related processes and procedures that need to be handled in the business, not to mention the direct people management aspects of running your business:

  • Is very time consuming
  • Is very costly
  • Pulls you or your office manager away from the priorities you should be focused on
  • Affects your own productivity

There is a better way and with one change in the business you can save time, money and your sanity.

So we believe HR should be simple. Well the people management side of HR is often not so simple but we believe there’s no reason managing the transactional HR tasks needs to be a thorn in your side anymore. There’s no reason you should still be managing these tasks manually when there are HR platforms out there on the market right now that save you SERIOUS amounts of time, serious amounts of money, and give you the peace of mind you’re complying with the main two pieces of HR related legislation – the Fair Work Act and the WHS Act.

How do I know this for certain?

I know this first-hand because in my own HR career there have been times I’ve taken up a HR role in a business that didn’t utilise a HR platform. The first of these roles I didn’t take action and I plugged along with employee files in manila folders and scrolling through Excel spreadsheets and locking filing cabinets. You know something, I never made that mistake again – I made sure from there on in that I implemented a HR platform in the business I worked in and it’s the best thing I could have done. That feeling of knowing that yesterday a particular task took me 2 hours and today it’s taking me 15 minutes. That’s an hour and 45 mins to move on with other priorities. I tell you it’s a good feeling knowing I was achieving sooo much more in my day instead of getting bogged down with so many transactional tasks.

Having a HR platform, often referred to as a HRIS, a HR Information System, really does set you free in so many ways and is THE SMARTEST thing you can do to save costs in the business. And just because a business is under 100 employees doesn’t mean you can’t reap the same benefits that big business reap by having a HR platform. It’s the savvy smaller businesses that moved quickly over the last few years to automate as many HR tasks as possible and during the COVID-19 pandemic, those are the businesses that could handle all the HR responsibilities the most efficiently, especially those who had employees working from  home all of a sudden.

There are many many options for growing SMEs when it comes to automating your more transactional HR tasks and no one platform is going to fit every business. If you picked 5 platforms on the market at the moment you’d find that they all offer similar but different functionality. So it’s really important you have clarity around what it is you want your platform to achieve for you.

We’ve been road testing some of the HR software on the market, specifically those designed for SME’s because at HR Tactics, we’re here to assist our clients with practical HR strategies that build more value in their employees whilst reducing the costs of having employees in the first place.

Below we will reveal who the winner of our road test is…

I want to share with you my greatest learning through my entire HR career: Automate as much as you can!

Let’s face it, the cost savings that come with achieving a 90% time reduction is exactly what businesses need right now, more than ever! We need to adopt new ways of working that achieve more in less time. We need to work smarter.

Is this you?

I know those of you who are still managing all your HR tasks manually, yes you know who you are – you’re still using paper documents, you’re still filing employee documents in manila folders, filing those folders in a filing cabinet, locking the cabinet and hiding the key in your top drawer amongst your stationary. Well I hope you’re locking your employee files away or else you’re actually breaching your compliance requirements… But I’m not going to get in to compliance right now.

What I do want to do is share what is possibly my greatest learning throughout my entire HR career – automate as much as you can!

And the WINNER of our HR platform roadtest is…


I’m going to give you 9 reasons why we feel it’s one of the best platforms and definitely one you should look at for your business.

I’ve used many platforms throughout my HR career. Mammoth systems used in big businesses like Coles Group, the Public Service, and smaller platforms that suit SMEs. There’s no one size fits all and each of the systems do similar but often slightly different things. That’s where we assist – by helping you work out what the priorities are in your business and then guiding you as to which HR platform most closely suits your business needs.

But let’s get in to the 9 reasons why we feel enableHR is one of the best platforms and definitely one you should look at for your business.

1. Time = Efficiency = Productivity.

enableHR means you can work faster and smarter and spend more time focusing on your people, not your processes.

  • You can say goodbye to the manila folders, the folders on your computer, the Excel spreadsheets. The inefficiency of all these can be a thing of the past. You can ditch them all.
  • You and your team members can access the platform anytime, anywhere whether you’re at work, at home, or places in-between. So if you’ve got team members in the office and team members working remotely at home or on the move then all the information they or you need to access can be there accessible to you.
  • And the platform comes pre-populated with all the necessary employment contracts, templates, guides and HR processes to manage your employees, contractors, volunteers and Work Health and Safety obligations.

2. It’s cost-effective.

Time is money right? Given the times we’re living in – this has never been truer. So by moving your HR records and practices to a HR platform, like enableHR, you save both time and money. I know for a fact that our clients who use enableHR as their platform, slash the time they spend on HR admin by up to 70% and then there are those clients who have us manage the platform for them and because our HR Consultants are so fast at what we do in the platform, we can often slash the time we spend on HR admin by up to 90% for our clients.

The system beats most of its competitors on price at only $75/month if you’ve got 10 or less employees and then it’s only $7.50/employee after that.

So while HR software feels like a cost, it’s really an investment — one that pays for itself many times over. enableHR Consultant Brisbane

3. It’s Flexible. Customisable.

enableHR is scalable and configurable. You can tailor the parts you want to suit the way you operate. Use only the features you need right now, knowing that the platform has the power to keep up with you no matter how far or fast you scale.

Although we manage the customisation process for our clients, those clients who don’t have us managing the platform for them can have the enableHR support team manage the customisations directly. So it’s really simple.

Here’s an example

So let’s take onboarding processes for example. If you’re happy with you HR processes for onboarding new employees, then the onboarding workflow in enableHR can very simply be tailored to cover the exact steps you want it to.

You never know, the steps in the onboarding workflow that comes with enableHR is very likely a more efficient way of managing your new starters anyway.

With enableHR you can get all the news starter documentation out of the way before your new employee even starts and they will have completed everything via the platform remotely. They can sign documents electronically and provide you all their details without one piece of paper even changing hands.

Systems. Automation. Don’t you love it.

Here’s how a HR platform can ensure you’ll pass a Fair Work audit

So did you know that if you the business owner, fails to comply with a Fair Work Inspection notice to produce employee records or documents, a Court may order penalties of up to $12,600 for an individual or $63,000 for a company. Ouch!

Compliance, or making sure you don’t break any of Australia’s complicated employment laws, is becoming increasingly important for employers and is increasingly being policed by the Fair Work Commission to the point now that Fair Work Inspectors are making unannounced visits to businesses these days.

Fair Work Compliance is complex

I know Compliance is complex and it’s easy to make a mistake, misinterpret an award, or miss the latest amendment to some regulation or other. And it’s becoming easier to get caught out – it only takes a single employee reporting you to the Fair Work Ombudsman. And with Fair Work task forces, senate inquiries, and crackdowns on many industries, you can’t afford to see compliance as just ‘ticking a bunch of legal boxes’.

So knowing all of this risk is hanging over our heads as the owner of a business employing staff, we’re going to carry on give you our remaining 6 reasons why we feel enableHR is one of the best HR platforms and definitely one you should look at for your business.

4. To ensure compliance

From the HR platforms we road tested, we found enableHR to be the most comprehensive when it comes to Fair Work and WHS compliance and the simplest to navigate.

Why? This platform more than any others gave us real peace of mind that it had all the bases covered. enableHR was developed by and is a system maintained and updated by FCB Law, one of Australia’s leading Employment Law firms. They really have built bulletproof compliance into every process, document and detail to help you. There’s peace of mind right there.

Here’s an example

Let’s take termination for example, there are numerous different scenarios by which an employee’s employment I your business comes to an end. Whether it is the employee who resigns or their employment is terminated in some other way, you can log in to enableHR and there will be a workflow there for you to follow to make sure you’re managing the process in accordance with Australian Law.

And if there is a change to the requirements you need to follow then FCB make sure they update the platform.

The penalties for non-compliance are severe and can be enough to break the back of many small or medium-sized businesses. Intentionally ignore compliance issues and you could fall under what’s called ‘accessorial liability’, where you could be held personally accountable for breaches, whether you’re the business owner, a director, manager or employee.

5. Payroll integration

Most of our clients are already running their payroll processes through a payroll platform so for those who are happy to continue running payroll with their current system there’s no need to take on the added expense of implementing a HR platform that will require you to change how payroll is run.

enableHR interfaces with most payroll systems to seamlessly set up or update employees files without data duplication and this makes it all so easy.

6. Security & Reliability.

This is one a great aspects of the enableHR platform that gives us peace of mind – it’s based and hosted in Australia, delivering speed, security and reliability. They back up your information to multiple locations and they keep our data safe and anonymous with:

  • Layers of industry-leading encryption,
  • Role-based access permissions, and
  • Two-factor authentication
  • And has all content backed by Australia’s leading workplace law firm FCB. There’s your peace of mind right there, again!

7. Employee Self-Service functionality.

If you use enableHR in your business, all your employees get their own secure portal accessible via any internet-capable device 24/7. So why is this such a great feature?

  • You can save time by requiring employees to update and manage their own personal records. Imagine that – not having to go in and make changes to employee records yourself!
  • You can send messages and emails to tea members through the platform and the record of that message being sent to them is saved on their file
  • You can send a message or email to ALL team members at the same time
  • You can set real-time alerts for team members
  • And because your team members can access documents online, like leave forms or their employment contract or Policies for example, it takes away a lot of that HR burden.

So it’s a communications channel that actually engages your employees and ensures your (and their) information is always up to date.

8. WHS management & compliance

The 8th reason we see enableHR as heads and shoulders ahead of many of the other platforms is its strength in the area of WHS. While some platforms have pretty much nothing in the way of WHS, this platform really does have everything you need to be able to develop and manage your whole Workplace Health and Safety Management System.

  • It is pre-populated with a suite of template documents that you can simply download and can be tailored in Word
  • There are a number of pre-configured reports available where all WHS registers and records can be exported into .csv files
  • It has various workflows where depending on what WHS matter you need to manage, it will give you the flow of tasks you need to work through to make sure you’re complying with Australian WHS legislation

9. Killer support.

Having used a number of HR platforms throughout my 20+ year HR career, I know good support when I experience it and the enableHR support team are some of the very best and that’s rare when it comes to software.

And it’s not just the responsive assistance and the lovely support team members that are a stand out with this HR platform, it’s the huge Knowledge Hub they have full of helpful articles and instructions on how to do anything and everything with the platform.

And that brings our 9 reasons savvy businesses automate their HR tasks using a HR platform, to a close.

How much longer are you going to wait?

Imagine instead of it taking you 3 minutes to read this email you could read it in 20 seconds. There’s 2 mins 40 seconds I’ve given you back. Boom! And that’s what the right HR platform can do in your business by automating all your transactional HR tasks:

  • you’ll save precious time.
  • Save money.
  • Give you peace of mind.
  • Ensure you’re compliant.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Increase employee engagement.
  • Let’s not forget how environmentally friendly it is by moving away from using paper.

As a result of the road test of various HR platforms that we conducted, we’ve decided to partner with enableHR and assist as many businesses as possible with the transition to a HR platform by becoming an enableHR consultant.

There’s already over 11,000 businesses, associations, and not-for-profits, Australia wide all using enableHR to manage their employees, contractors, and volunteers and those businesses range from big to small.


if you are feeling weighed down with issues around the hiring, managing, and firing of employees, and want step-by-step advice at your fingertips everyday, peace of mind that your practices are compliant with the Fair Work Act and WHS Act, and the confidence that you or whoever is managing all your transactional HR tasks there is operating as productively as they can be, then contact us and let’s get the ball rolling for you.

Let’s bring your HR practices in to this century because there’s no reason only big business should benefit from having a HR platform.Let’s bring your HR practices in to this century because there’s no reason only big business should benefit from having a HR platform.

Book in a demo of the enableHR platform and let’s see if it’s the right platform for your business. And if we feel there’s a better platform out there to suit your specific needs we’ll let you know.

enableHR Consultants Brisbane

This information was provided with the intention of helping you find more clarity, confidence and peace of mind as you navigate your own journey as an employer. I would love to hear your thoughts on this, and if you think someone else would enjoy it please feel free to share it on.

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