Why Creating Structure in your Teams’ Workday improves performance

Here’s why structure and routine have a positive impact on employee engagement and some suggestions for ways to implement structure for your people.

Did you know that structure in our day actually creates calm?

As business owners we all want high-performing, highly productive, highly engaged team members. Yes? So, it’s important to know that according to research, performance, productivity, and engagement all rise, when routines and structure are present and well understood across your team members.

 today’s HR tip for taking charge of change in your business is to consider ways you can create more structure and routines in your day and your team members’ schedules.

This is especially important if your business or teams are moving through large-scale change (eg. Covid, restructures, changes in management). While building in a sense of routine and structure creates a greater sense of calm, you’ll also find it reduces your team members’ feelings of uncertainty and reduces the chance of overwhelm.

Three suggestions that can help create connection and trust:

  1. Team huddles to kick start the day or week
  2. Friday afternoon drinks
  3. Monthly or quarterly team gatherings

Hope this has been good food for thought.

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HR Consultants Brisbane – Why Creating Structure in your Teams’ Workday improves performance

This information was provided with the intention of helping you find more clarity, confidence and peace of mind as you navigate your own journey as an employer. I would love to hear your thoughts on this, and if you think someone else would enjoy it please feel free to share it around.

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